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Saturday 4th September 2021

Cookham Fun Regatta

Race Information

Race Schedule

Dear Regatta Entrants and Spectators.  Thank you for supporting the Regatta.

This year we are only running the Dragon Boat event.  As ever we have tried to accommodate requested late entries and also ensure that each team gets at least two races.

There is a ‘plate cup’ so first round losers will get a second chance of a cup.  Because the race entry field is not in multiples of 8 there will be occasional byes, but the two-race principle still holds. (Consistent winners will get 3 or 4 races).

We will try to stick to the schedule but there may be changes on the day, particularly if there are no-shows, so please check the updated schedule displayed at the race control trailer.

There is a safety briefing for the dragon boats which may take 20 minutes before each race, so listen out for announcements when your race is called.

If you have cups from last year, please remember to bring them along.

Enjoy the day

Available from Friday 3rd September