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Saturday 5th September 2020

Cookham Fun Regatta

Parkinson’s in Marlow

There are approximately 365 branches of Parkinson’s UK across the country, with Marlow being covered by the Branch at Amersham & High Wycombe.

Six people in Marlow are members of the Amersham & High Wycombe Branch.  However given the size of Marlow and its demographic profile there are probably between 40-50 people with Parkinson’s in the town supported by an equal number of carers.  There is a dedicated Parkinson’s Nurse, Liz Scott who is based at High Wycombe Hospital and she holds clinics in Marlow (Glade Road Health Clinic) on the second and fourth Monday of the month to meet local demand.

Many Parkinson’s sufferers are quite old and so find the journey across the M40 to the structured events of the Amersham & High Wycombe Branch a challenge, to the extent that they rarely make the trip or indeed join Parkinson’s UK because of the remoteness of support. Some travel to Henley and others to Maidenhead where they have dedicated branches.  There are however some young sufferers who are also trying to hold down jobs and bring up families and they also need our help. Their needs are different and they have formed their own group.

Activities currently organised by the Amersham & High Wycombe branch include:

  • Conductive Education (Invented for Parkinson’s sufferers to create brain and body coordination through movement).
  • Dance therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • PD Power (a form of dance and movement specifically designed for PD)
  • Singing Group (Parkinson’s has a negative effect on speech and singing can help combat this)
  • Speech therapy
  • Walking Group
  • Exercise (designed to help balance and motion, both faculties  that deteriorate under Parkinson’s)
  • Outings (for carers and sufferers so that they can maintain social contact.)

Most of these activities are paid for or subsidised out of charitable donations. The branch also runs events to raise money and provides a help desk at Wycombe Hospital for new and existing sufferers.  In addition, carers are offered respite on a limited basis depending on funds being available.

Parkinson’s can be upsetting to the general public due to its physical manifestation. Consequently, sufferers often lead restricted social lives and do not attend many activities other than with other sufferers.

The Rotary Club of Marlow Thames’s work in establishing a Marlow group and supporting it can play a vital part in the sufferers care. In addition, the funds generated by Cookham Regatta and other events will go to support local classes, respite care and with the guidance of the Parkinson’s dedicated nurse more urgent medical and palliative care.

The Rotary Club of Marlow Thames recognises that it can help facilitate the establishment of a Marlow Parkinson’s group to ensure that sufferers and their carers get the help and support they need within their local community.

To learn more about the work of Parkinson’s locally

If you know of anyone who has Parkinson’s and would like to get connected locally please ask them to make initial contact to dorothy.salathiel@parkinsonsahw.org.uk

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