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Saturday 2nd September 2017

Cookham Regatta

Race Entry

Dragon Boat
A crew of 10 paddlers plus a Drummer.  An experienced helm will be supplied.


A mixed crew of 7 people (minimum 2 male and 2 female) must include 2 adults.  One must helm the craft which resembles two Canadian Canoes joined to form a catamaran.

Family Rowboat

A crew of 2 one of whom must be under 14 years.  A fun opportunity to test your rowing skills over a short course

Cookham Challenge

A mixed team of 16 to take part in 5 events; Dragon Boats (11 crew), Canoe-Cats (7 crew), Volleyball (6 in team), “Funny-Walk” (5 in team) and Tug-of-War (8 in team).  A different crew for each non-dragon event.  Minimum of 2 ladies to be in each event but nobody to be in more than 3 events.  The highest total of points awarded for placing in each event decides the overall winner.  Each team will be provided with a gazebo on the river bank.

Club Challenge

A race in Canoe-Cats with 6 paddlers and a helm.  Open to teams from churches, scouts, clubs or similar institutions.  Head-to-head races against specified rival teams can be arranged.

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Important: Please complete a separate Entry Form for each event entered
Latest date for entries: 26 August 2017
Please note: Places are limited and will be allocated by date of receipt so please apply early
What you need: All boats, equipment and lifejackets are supplied. Soft shoes are vital. No previous experience is required.

Telephone enquiries:  01753 868449
Email enquiries:  entry@cookhamregatta.org.uk
Please note that places are limited and will be allocated in sequence by date of receipt of the completed entry and of the appropriate entry fee, so please apply ASAP.